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A full suite of pet dentistry equipment

We have invested heavily in the latest equipment, from ultrasonic de-scalers to dental polishing machines, in order that we can offer a full range of routine dental procedures on-site at our Giffnock practice.

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Preventative dental care

Did you know a staggering 80% of pets over the age of three years old have dental disease that needs treating now? We are committed to the preservation of oral health through a series of preventative initiatives including; the education of our staff with a programme of continuous professional development, the offer of free nurse led dental clinics for members of our Healthy Pet Club and the provision of dental advice for anyone who signs up for our free pet-care newsletters.

Pet Health Plan

Our pet health plan is a convenient and reassuring way to cover all your pet’s basic healthcare.

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Pet Emergencies

Pet Emergencies

If you need an emergency vet out of hours, please call 0141 332 3212.

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Our online shop

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From food to pet care accessories, our online shop has everything a pet lover could need.

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